Meet Nairobi: Women’s #1 Choice for All Their Hair Needs

As a woman, whether walking the red carpet, runway, or normal day at work, your hair is one of the most important parts of your look. Hair care is a 24/7 job that requires immediate attention daily. To achieve the ultimate hair care experience, women all over the world have turned to popular brand Nairobi Professional. Affordable and top of the line ingredients, Nairobi provides its consumer with the perfect solution for any hair problem.

Created by husband and wife William and Kimberly Chapman in 2004, Nairobi combines the expertise, vision, and skills of its professionals. Developing and executing top quality hair care and beauty products. Relaxers, Shampoos, Conditioners, Wet Styling, and Top Shelf finishing products, all help propelled Nairobi’s brand to the top of the Hair industry as they reach a decade of service.

Studies have shown, with an 89% consumer demographic, Nairobi products are majority consumed in the prime customer demographic of 18-45, with 89% of its purchases residing here in the U.S. Nairobi is voted the number-one choice by Women hair enthusiasts, as used by reportedly 350,000 professional Stylists and Barbers worldwide.

The Nairobi Profession mission state:

NAIROBI Professional’s mission is to be the #1 product used by hair professionals worldwide, by simply developing and maintaining a lifetime relationship. We’re more than just manufacturers of hair care products for the professional; we care about the professional. We care that our buyers purchase products with quality ingredients, and gives 100% hair satisfaction. We also that our products increase the bottom line for our retailers while maximizing client-home use satisfaction.

Nairobi was among the leading brands who benefited from hair care sales for African American of $774 million in 2014. Earning popularity through their catchy campaigns like the advertisements shown below.

Originally created in 1991, Nairobi Professional is an offspring of Chapman Products company. Chapman Products is known for its iconic Grandma’s Secret Potion. Nairobi Professional has been featured on several popular publications like Sheen Magazine.

Is your stylist using Nairobi Professional? Check your local salon to see if they are an official Nairobi product distributor today.

Want to learn more about Nairobi Professional? Review the brand’s EPK or visit The Official Nairobi Professional website.

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