‘Ancient History Hunters’ Filmmakers To Hold Press Announcement at 2018 MIQ Urban Network Major Music Event

‘The Business of Music 3-Day Conference in Los Angeles’

Olmec Head of Mexico
Califia, the Queen of California.

Los Angeles, CA – Saturday, September 15, 2018, Blackmon Entertainment Media; along with long formed media alliances of Lee Bailey’s EURweb, Black University Radio Network, Morris Media Studio and Spin It Media are excited to  announce the making of, media roll-out and Spring 2019 release of the highly anticipated documentary film series, ‘Ancient History Hunters: Straight Out of America’ (AHH), at the Westin Hotel LAX. A national buzz about the documentary is shacking up history as we were taught.

This Saturday’s sizzle event is scheduled during MIQ-URBAN NETWORK DIGITAL: ‘The Business of Music Conference’. The director and producers will introduce the film’s crew members, as well as feature the official AHH ‘Remember the Future’ soundtrack, music producers, and musicians. All will be on hand for press and an informative Meet & Greet. This media announcement will take place at the Mainline Connections Cell Phone Accessories, and Ancient History Hunters Documentary Film Booth.

(AHH) ‘Straight Out Of America: In Search of Atlantis’ is the first episode, in the (AHH) docu-series. Who were the indigenous Americans that have been written out, of history books?  The historically fact-based series takes you on a journey to where civilization began (B.C.E-before the common era) through its centuries, of systemic coverups. Each episode unearths buried history and untold truths about antiquities’ mysteries of the Americas – ‘STRAIGHT OUT Of AMERICA’!

Details are as follows:
When:       Saturday, September 15, 2018
Time:         2:45 PM
Where:     MIQ-Urban Network Digital ‘The Business of Music Conference’

Location   Westin Hotel LAX
5400 West Century Blvd,
Los Angeles, California 90045-5912

Exhibit Location:  Mainline Connections Cell Phone Accessories, and Ancient History Hunters Documentary Film Booth.
RSVP: 2ndscreenglogal@gmail.com


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