Lil Wop Drops “Ghoul” Video

Pioneering a blown-out and harsh strain of trap music, Lil Wop mesmerizes listeners with his entrancing vocal fry. Stalking a cemetery, accompanied by one beautiful woman and two floating neon skulls, Lil Wop embraces the dark side in “Ghoul,” his latest video.

Produced by heatseeking Chicago producer ChaseTheMoney, “Ghoul” is a disorienting and exhilarating listen, with Wop’s rhymes falling far ahead of the eerie ambient synths. In the video, Wop drifts between planes of existence, reveling in his material possessions, including a fresh new Maserati, and descending to demon status. The haunting new “Ghoul” follows another horror-themed video in “Deathnote,” which found Wop presiding over a deadly dinner party. “Ghoul” is the latest video from Wopavelli 4, arriving August 31st.

Watch “Ghoul” below.

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