Bhad Bhabie & Ty Dolla $ign Catch A Predator in New Video, “Trust Me”

With human trafficing and kidnapping at an all-time high right now, teenage recording artist Bhad Bhabie addresses the issue in her new video for the song, “Trust Me”.

Featuring Ty Dolla $ign, Bhad plays an ideal vigilante who tricks a cat fish predator who invites the the Catch Me Outside sensation to meet up, with the intentions that Bhad Bhabie believes her predator is a cute boy she has been talking to for months. As the predator lures Bhabie out to a near by park, things take a turn quickly, as the cat fish culprit is taken down by Bhad Bhabie in a string and while the right thing to do is hand him off to the authorities, the teen has her own “Street Justice” in mind. The video has it’s graphic moments but a positive message in the under tone. Both Ty Dolla $ign and Bhad Bhabie are under the same label roster, with Bhad Bhabie requesting a collaboration between the two earlier this year.

In less than 24-hours, “Trust Me” has already gathered over 1.4 million views. Bhad Bhabie is slated to release her highly-anticipated debut album late-2018 under Atlantic Records.

Watch “Trust Me” below.

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