Hear Nef The Pharaoh & 03 Greedo New Mixtape, ‘Porter2Grape’

Wielding a unique lyricism and a trademark eccentricity atop bouncy Bay Area production, Nef The Pharaoh cuts a formidable figure in Hip-Hop’s youth movement. Joining forces with 03 Greedo, Watts’ melodic mastermind, Nef shares Porter2Grape, an action-packed 5-track EP. Blending their signature styles into a distinctly West Coast cocktail, Nef and 03 have wildly different, but complementary approaches to the art of emceeing, with the Vallejo native employing elastic double-time flows and the Watts denizen deploying his supernatural sense of melody to transform each instrumental into a unique experience.

Featuring the lead single “Ball Out,” a veritable carnival of bars featuring Oakland rising star ALLBLACK. Porter2Grape is Nef’s first project of 2018 and one of the final projects to be released since 03 Greedo started his 20-year prison term late last month. Featuring an additional guest appearance from singer Chris O’Bannon, the blistering EP is currently available for stream and purchase via EMPIRE.

“It was really dope as fuck working with him,” says Nef The Pharaoh about 03 Greedo. “We both freestyle so it was cool to see how he works, plus our voices sound RAW AF together. LMAO, he just texted saying we need to get 5 more tracks in!”

Breaking through with his self-titled 2015 EP and its hit single “Big Tymin’,” the 23-year-old Nef The Pharaoh quickly established himself as one of the most unique and popular emcees in the Bay. Signed to E-40’s Sick Wid It Records, the charismatic emcee is a fixture on regional radio, releasing an acclaimed collaborative EP with Cardo Got Wingz (Kendrick Lamar, Drake) in 2016 and hitting in 2017 with “Bling Blaow,” which featured Slimmy B of SOB x RBE. Earlier this year, Nef shared “Big Boss Chang,” which landed on Spotify’s Most Necessary playlist, and is currently working on The Boss Chang Theory, his upcoming debut album.

Listen to ‘Porter2Grape’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

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