Stam Goody Drops Debut Video, “Clutch”

Camden, New Jersey-own, Stam Goody shares his depiction on what it means to be a black athlete in 2018 with the release of his timely, thought-provoking visual for “Clutch.”

Directed by Christopher Ripley, the new video centers around a young man’s (played by Stam) rise to stardom as a professional track & field athlete. With his newfound fame and notoriety, he wrestles with finding balance between it, and his character and principles as a black athlete.

At a time when racial tensions are high, and with the significance that some of today’s biggest artists and athletes have in molding the popular social conscious, Stam Goody is taking his first steps into the realm, looking to impact and continue the conversation with this visual debut.

Stam on “Clutch”:
“They get aggravated when you make it, agitated when you black and say it, it don’t matter how you got it, when you get it, then they wanna take it…”

Watch “Clutch” below.

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