BZZY Releases Therapeutic New Video Tackling Mental Illness, “Suicidal Tendencies”

Lil Peep, Chester Beinnington & Avicii, the conversation around mental health and depression in America has become much more prevalent over the past couple years due to the highly-publicized suicides of artists. Miami-raised rapper, BZZY wanted to give a voice to the kind of trauma he’d known up close. His new video for “Suicidal Tendencies”, directed by Codl Creator, chronicles the dark, harrowing reality of suicide. It’s a moving visual that will stay with you even after the video ends.

“Suicidal Tendencies” is the second offering off BZZY’s upcoming album Before I Jump, due out later this summer. The follow-up to his 2016 project A Part Of Everything, Before I Jump signifies the death of the artist’s old moniker Bizzy Crook, and the birth of a lyricist with a revitalized will to live. BZZY is preparing his loyal fans and his haters for his upcoming album with music filled with personal anecdotes and introspection.

BZZY on making “Suicidal Tendencies”:

“’Suicidal Tendencies’ is the intro to my upcoming album Before I Jump. Creating this album I literally felt like I was going insane,” BZZY said. “Life was becoming overwhelming – exhaustion, constant mental breakdowns, in and out of depression, & losing faith. On this album, I was on the verge of suicide, and these are the last moments leading up to it. It’s about life’s highs and the lows, and writing music allowed me to work through my personal struggles.”

Watch BZZY impactful new video, “Suicidal Tendencies”.

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