Panther Poorsche Debuts Suspenseful New Video, “Lately”

Hailing from one of the most dangerous counties in America, singer/songwriter/actor Panther Poorsche is a rising star accruing a tremendous amount of popularity thanks to his unique new sound. Inspired by his unorthodox sound, Panther Poorsche earned the moniker of “Hippie with a Gold Chain”. Now, with the world watching his every moves, Panther Poorsche capitalizes on the moment with the debut of his most-prolific visual presentation for the breakout single, “Lately”.

“Lately” is a dark and deadly love tale with the protagonist under the influence of revenge and commits a heinous crime of passion. Poorsche pays homage to his fellow North Carolina-native J. Cole who released a eerie visual similar to “Lately” for the Miguel-featured song, “Power Trip”. Frustrated, angry, and betrayed, Panther Poorsche delivers a stunning visual performance that will have newfound fans talking about “Lately” all year long and eagerly looking for more on the up-and-coming artist.

Born in Lumberton, North Carolina and raised in Washington D.C., Panther Poorsche has crafted a sound that includes melodic substance infused with intriguing subject matter. Addressing a wide variety of trending issues discussed by this generation’s youth in majority of his catalog. Panther Poorsche delivers a voice to the voiceless through his music, expressing the acceptance to indulge themselves in pure emotion. Truthful mind, body, and soul, Panther Poorsche is the perfect image to represent the artist of the future.

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Watch “Lately” by Panther Poorsche below.

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