Charlotte’s DaBaby Drops ‘Baby Talk 5’ (LP)

Charlotte’s DaBaby (also known as Baby Jesus) might just be one of the biggest breaths of fresh air for the industry in some time. With very little industry support, North Carolina’s own is already putting very large numbers on the board with the state on his back. DaBaby readies to launch himself as a mainstream prospect with the release of new project, ‘Baby Talk 5’.

After listening to the fifth installment, you can certainly see/hear why the artist has taken off and exactly why the ball is in his court right now. While J. Cole has been carrying the state on his own for sometime, it looks like he will now have a helping hand in bringing awareness that North Carolina got something to say too in DaBaby. Interesting enough, DaBaby is making this all happen from a state that in reality lacks the necessary tools to take your career to the next level.

‘Baby Talk 5’, a definitive tone, powerful sound, bars, a melodic wave and heavy production, DaBaby (Baby Jesus) is an all around artist and demonstrates that to the fullest on his new project. With standout records such as “No Love” and “For Da Baby”, the lane for an artist such as himself is wide open and vast.

If DaBaby keeps the momentum going and continues to provide us with new music in 2018, you can certainly bet he will be one of the more known names throughout the entire industry very soon. Be on the lookout for more from the young star as this is just a powerful splash as we all enter a very busy Summer.

Listen to ‘Baby Talk 5’ below, courtesy of Spotify.

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