Attack the Sound Uplifts the Chicago Music Scene with New Album

Ending the year on a high note, the band who coined Chi-Pop, Attack the Sound, is back with the exclusive release to their new album “Reboot the Sound”. A collaborative compilation of their original hits, “Reboot the Sound” does a perfect job of fusing jazzy Hip Hop combos with rock and gospel influences. Having been developing their sound since 2017, the eight-piece band have perfected their signature genre, coining Chi-Pop to represent their modern approach to classic Motown sounds.

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Attack the Sound kicked off 2021 on a high note. After having won Best Cinematography at the Best of the Midwest Awards for their most recent music video “Love Is War”, the band was prepared to kick things up a notch. Now, ending the year with a collaborative collection of beloved hits, they intend to end the year on the same note that it began, but with an added ‘nod’ to their dedicated fan base. Gearing up to release music with celebrated guitarist Isaiah Sharkey in 2022, they plan to continue forward with a synergistic spirit that listeners in the Chicago music community have grown to know and love. Other notable accolades include winning the ‘Judge’s Choice’ at the Midwest Film Festival for “Love Is War” and signing a major sync deal with Winding Way Records. Their organic energy, passion and robust sound is a breath of fresh air, not only for Chicago music but for fans across the globe who crave the synergy of a full band in a world flooded with electronic dance music.

Listen to “Reboot the Sound” on SoundCloud HERE.

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