Lil Bape is a 17-year-old rap star currently making waves in the industry. He is best known for his break-out record “Never Though” which has over 100k views and now he’s back with his newest EP “Zipped up in my tears.” Born and raised in Philadelphia Lil Bape is an independent artist who has been making music since he was 15. Music became an outlet for him as he lost his two friends to a shooting at a young age. Lil Bape’s message is to help youth like him realize there is more to life and he encapsulates that with his music. His biggest motivation is his father who pushed him to be the best version of himself and strive to succeed.

I want the audience to know that though I am not just an artist. I come from the hood, but I am not a rapper, I make pop music, I am a well-rounded artist. I go against what people expect from me, my age group, my people. I am Lil Bape” 

In the near future, you will see him collab with other artists from Atlantic Records, Hitco Records, etc. As such a diverse artist Lil Bape has a song for everyone and hopes to grow his fan and audience base as he grows with his talent.

To stream Lil Bapes Latest and get to know him better, check out or links below!

Instagram: lilbape2418


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