Los Angeles-based Alt Rock Artist Lakookala Releases New Single “The Wrong Places”

Off the heels of her latest single release “Lonely Summer”, Lakookala is back with another gritty and vulnerable track entitled “The Wrong Places”. Making the point that women are socialized to look for love in all the wrong places, she confronts a relatable topic that deep dives into the importance of self-love and how women-identifying artists can tackle these issues.

Nicole aka Lakookala goes on to say:

“When we continue to hold up unachievable beauty standards for women, it becomes an emotional prison where they are both afraid to be undersexual or oversexual at all times. This for me is exhausting and can leave us feeling unfulfilled in our life and our work . I hope women who listen to my song, and my music understand that wherever they are on this spectrum that they are enough, and that however they choose to present themselves everyday is enough. This is something I have struggled with in my identity since I was a very young woman, and am still learning to grapple with everyday as an artist.”

Her hypnotizing soundscapes partner perfectly with her hard-hitting lyrics and we’re here for it! In “The Wrong Places”, Lakookala brilliantly gives listeners a lot to think about as we still, in 2021, have a tendency to oversexualize women and therefore overlook their talents and contributions.

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