A Look Into R&B Singer TJé’s Upcoming Project “Emotions Vol.1”

R&B singer TJé has been in the studio working on his brand new project which he has titled Emotions Vol. 1. The project is inspired by the range of emotions that the singer has been feeling over the span of a few months. From being in love to falling out of love, dealing with the process of a heartbreak, loneliness, and even partying to forget about all of the emotions. All of these emotions are expressed in his new Emotions Vol.1 project. TJé worked with his friend Choyce who helped guide him through the process while giving him ideas and helping to shape the overall sound of the project. He also worked with another music artist by the name of Quise on the catchy track called Give Love A Chance. But at the core of TJé’s music, you’ll find the influences of his surroundings and upbringing. Artists like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Travis Scott, and Don Toliver are some of his biggest musical influences. TJé is hoping that all his different influences show when fans are listening to his upcoming album.

TJé was originally born and raised in Philadelphia, but when he was still just a young kid his family moved to Orlando. Since Orlando is a lot more diverse the r&b singer was exposed to different sounds such as Latin music and Brazilian music. He also became friends with people who were from Latin America or Brazil. So naturally, TJé ended up developing his own taste for reggaeton and Brazilian Funk music. You’ll be able to hear some hints of the influence in his music while you’re listening to his upcoming bodys of work. Apart from this slight influence, you’ll notice that the rest of the singer’s musical taste and sound has remained the same. One of TJé’s go to artists to listen to is Justin Bieber but he also listens to a lot of Don Toliver, Drake, Kanye West, and pinkpantheress. He also listens to Spotify’s 80’s playlists because he loves the vibes and energy from that songs from that time radiate.

For TJé, one of his biggest accomplishments as a music artist is finally getting up and deciding to pursue a career in music. He had a passion and a desire to create his own music and become a music artist his whole life. But he always let his own fears of failure or being judged hold him back. However, during the 2020 quarantine he used a lot of his sudden free time to reflect upon his life. At this point, TJé came to the realization that he didn’t want to look back with any regrets when it’s his time to die. This is what pushed him to finally get into the studio and start pursuing his dreams of becoming a music artist. Now he’s planning on spending the next five years thriving while releasing music and delivering a whole experience that offers something that everyone around the world can relate to. TJé wants to have something for everyone while being able to connect with the world through his music and be able to relate people.

If there was one thing that the singer could change about today’s music, he would want to make sure people truly care about the craft of making music and not just the lifestyle it can bring. TJé views music as art that’s so delicate and wonderful that it can bring people together so it should always be taken seriously. During times like this, he believes there’s a lot that music artists can be doing to give back to the community. For instance, artists could help create and fund food drives and services to the best of their abilities. The rising r&b singer believes that it’s important to use your voice and name to help bring awareness to what’s happening in various areas that some people may not be completely informed about, especially when you have a huge platform. He understands that not only as an artist but as people, there needs to be more patience and understanding. TJé also understands that people need to be capable of showing more empathy so we can help our communities rise and become better as well.

Listen to “Dance with Me” HERE.

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