Hip Hop Artist Steppe N Here Steps Up

Michigan rapper Steppe N Here applies the influence from Detroit’s music scene to her own unique sound. Inspired by artists like Lil Boosie and Jay-Z, she has always showed determination to not only be fearlessly herself, but to pursue her career like she would a small business. Having grown up watching artists like Bow Wow and Romeo on TV, Steppe N Here has always felt a natural gravitation toward the music industry. And when she found that music served as a kind of therapy for her, she was all in! Having made mistakes and learned the hard way who to trust and how to navigate such a turbulent industry, Steppe N Here takes it upon herself to stay independent in order to inspire other artists to pursue their careers in a bold yet calculated way. Managing money as an artist has been tough, but she makes sure that whomever she gives her money to, is going to deliver on their services. Following the release of her latest EP “Legendary”, she is now shooting more visuals via popular demand from her fans. Excited for what lies ahead, Steppe N Here is ready to take everything she’s learned from her time in the industry and apply it to the next chapter in her career.

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