Rising Compton Rapper Bossreece Releases His New Single “ Bounce Back”

Emerging Compton artist Bossreece has always type of fight or battle because of the surrounding chaos in his city.

“If you grow up there, you find out what your talent is then you take it and run with it”

stated the rising California rapper. Bossreece discovered that he had a passion and talent for making hip hop music. Looking around the streets of Compton, he came to the conclusion that he had a story to tell and it was one that needed to be heard. This is one of the reasons the rapper gained the passion to pursue his career as a hip-hop artist. Bossreece also wants to see a change in the current trend of mumble rapping and flow studiers. He wants to see more artists coming out with their own unique sound instead of mimicking how artists that are already out sound.

He has already achieved a major accomplishment as an independent artist. He’s already created so much content that the moment he hears a beat for the first time he can create a new song for it right away or already has a song ready to go that goes with the beat perfectly. So he’s accomplished the ability of being prepared for whatever beat comes his way. Some of his favorite artists that he’s currently listening to are Morray, NBA YoungBoy, Mozzy, and himself of course. Bossreece is also influenced by his father, his uncle Young Shame, and his cousin WhyM,

The rising west coast hip-hop artist is fresh off the release of a brand new turnt up single, “Bounce Back“. For the hard hitting lit production, Bossreece linked up with the producer THX. The rapper uses his new single as his motivational anthem that reminds him where he came from as a young guy with nothing to his name to a man that is now able to support and provide for his family. With the single’s instant buzz he quickly followed up the complimented music video . The dope new set of visuals for “Bounce Back” single was filmed by Seven Star Media.

Check out the new video below and stay connected with Bossreece for upcoming announcements and releases here.

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