Briana Murillo is a sensational YouTube influencer that has made a name for herself with her twin sister

Briana Murillo has quickly stolen the hearts of her followers and garnered attention as an influencer on YouTube with her twin sister and their channel, Murillo Twins. Her life as an influencer began once she started sharing her life, her passion for makeup and fashion, and being herself authentically in front of the camera. Briana’s passion for beauty started as a young girl watching her mother’s keen eye for all things fashionable and the clacking of the heels that she wore everywhere.
On their channel, they share tips and tricks that their followers love and eagerly await their next video. Being an influencer, like every career, comes with its unique challenges. One of those challenges is the constant and unfair judgment of mistakes and people assuming they know everything about the creator after watching one video. Murillo has come to accept not everybody will like her and advises aspiring influencers to not give in to people-pleasing and always be themselves. She remains grateful for all of the support and continues to pave her golden brick road to success.

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