Crazy1oftheday Making a name for Southside of Chicago

Coming up out of that Southwest side of Chicago is a young hip hop artist who goes by the name of Crazy1oftheday. Ever since the young age of just 8 years old he’s been writing and creating his own music. Over the years, Crazy1oftheday has developed a deep rooted passion for music. As he fell on dark times he used music as his outlet and a way to express himself. But using the environment those dark times created and making his own music helped to make him a better person and better musician. And a few years back he made the decision to start pursuing music as his full time career. Since then, Crazy1oftheday has released a few singles that have made a lot of noise and gained him a huge following of fans.

When it comes to his music, there are numerous things that the up and coming hip hop artist draws inspiration from. Of course his personal life and surroundings play a huge part in inspiring his music. But he also gets some of his inspiration from something as simple as the beat by listening to see what kind of feel or vibe it’s giving him. Once Crazy1oftheday catches a vibe he just allows the lyrics to come to him and lets them flow as he creates a new song. The rapper also has a few other hip hop artists that he admires and would love to get a chance to collaborate with. Some of those artists include Lil Durk, Kevin Gates, Jay Z, Drake, Kanye West, and G Herbo. But if there was one artist that he could get some advice from, he would choose to speak with Kanye West because he admires him as both a music artist and an entrepreneur.

While Crazy1oftheday took a little time off from his music, he’s now back at it and creating tons of new music. He’s been working on his highly anticipated debut album which he’s planning on dropping in the near future. Which of course means you can expect the rapper to be dropping a lot of new singles and music videos. But of course, don’t expect him to stick to just the hip hop genre. As a musician, Crazy1oftheday is not afraid to experiment with his craft and create different genres of music. He loves all genres of music and has been known to be very versatile with the music that he’s been releasing. With the music he releases, he’s hoping to show people that they can do whatever they want to do. All’s it takes is the time, effort, and dedication to accomplish your goals and dreams!

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