Recording Artist Monte Duece Set To Release New Music Spring 2022

While Emerging Through Tragedy...

Recording artist Monty Duece

MONTE DUECE is a young up-and-coming hip-hop artist on the rise. He was born in Hawthorne, California but predominantly raised in the Los Angeles area and wound up going to high school in Victorville. His environment growing up definitely helped to influence his tastes in music and his decision to start pursuing music. During his high school years, Monte and his friends listened to a lot of A$AP and Odd Future. Modeling themselves after these groups, Monte and two of his friends came up with their own group. They decided to call themselves U.N.O. which stood for Under No One. Nowadays Monte has become focused on pursuing his own solo music career as a hip-hop artist. These days Monte is inspired by rappers that have their own distinctive style and deliver crazy wordplay. Some of the artists he’s inspired by for their lyricism and unique sound are rappers such as J Cole, Mozzy, and Kendrick Lamar.

While he’s constantly writing new music at any given time no matter what he has going on, Monte isn’t as consistent when it comes to getting in the studio and recording or practicing his craft. So one of the best pieces of advice that Monte’s received since starting to pursue music is to become more consistent with every aspect of his artistry. And he’s definitely taken this piece of advice to heart. Now he’s working on a bunch of new music and pushing himself harder than ever before so he can become one of the greatest musicians. Monte is currently getting ready to release a few new singles that he plans on dropping towards the end of February through the middle of March. While there’s no official release date for the records as of yet, you can expect to kick off the season of Spring with some new music from the upcoming rapper!

As Monte Duece continues to grind, he’s also setting some ambitious goals for his career as a music artist. In five years’ time, the rapper can see himself becoming a well-known musician. He wants to be the kind of music artist that people can be inspired by and look up to. Ten years from now, Monte plans on having the type of career that’s comparable to the likes of Drake’s or Lil Durk’s. Of course, he’s also hoping that creating his music is something that will always be fun and a labor of love for him. To this day, one of his biggest obstacles that he’s had to face is actually getting in the studio to record music. It’s just one of those things that can be a hindrance for Monte when it comes to actually booking studio time and recording the music that he’s written.

Another big challenge that Monte’s had to face is coping with the loss of his brother, Bobby Duece. His brother is someone who had a passion for music and also seemed to have a promising career in music in front of him. But it’s also been one of Monte’s biggest motivations as he continues to pursue music and keep his brother’s dream alive. One thing about Monte Duece is that he’s very determined and passionate about succeeding, but he’s also still very humble at the same time. He tends to be very hard on himself when it comes to what he expects from himself and where he expects himself to be in life. As of now, Monte doesn’t consider himself as having any proud accomplishments when it comes to his music career. But hopefully, that will all change over the course of the next ten years as he keeps grinding towards achieving his musical goals!

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