Distinct Slot Types Explained

Humans have been in love with gambling for many thousands of years, there is even archeological evidence to prove this! But here’s the thing: the world of gambling hasn’t always been like it is today, in fact, it is only in the last couple of hundred years that it has started to resemble the world conquering industry that it is today. There are various reasons for this, but the main one is the incredible rise of casino gambling – learn more now.

In the early stages it was the game of roulette that fascinated gamblers, however nowadays there is one certain winner – the online slots industry. No matter how hard we try, it is truly impossible to put into words quite how successful and important slots online are to the 21st century gambling market. One of the main reasons why are so loved is because of the various different slot types available. Keep reading for some distinct slot types explained…

In what ways can slot types be different?

Expert and experienced slot gamblers will have no problem answering how slot types can actually be different, but not everybody is going to be an expert these days, especially not when you consider how easy it is to get involved with playing slots these days. So, in what ways can slot types actually be different? Here are a few common examples:

·         Number of reels: One of the easiest ways to notice distinct slot types is by looking at the number of reels on the grid. Most online slots use a 5×3 reel configuration, however classic slots often have just 3 reels, whilst things like Megaways slots can have 6 or even more!

·         Bonus features: Another way to notice distinct slot types is through the bonus features. You will find that more classic slot types have less complex bonuses, whereas the opposite is true for more modern varieties.

·         Jackpots: Different slot types will have differing approaches to slot jackpots, so this is always going to be a key way to tell the difference between distinct slot types. For example, progressive jackpot slots will have an ever-increasing jackpot prize, whilst most other slots will have a fixed jackpot amount.

A few different slot types

It is important to know how to differentiate between slot types, and now we’re going to treat you to a few examples of distinct slot types to sink your teeth into:

·         Classic slots: Classic online slots almost always have a particularly vintage feel in regard to their aesthetics, and, as we mentioned already, most of them will work on a simple 3 reel set up, sometimes with only 1 pay line too. As such they are great for beginners, as well as older slot gamblers.

·         Megaways slots: Only a few years ago the UK slot developer Big Time Gaming caused waves in the slots community with their trailblazing Megaways mechanic, something that can result in well over 100,000 ways to win. Megaways slots are therefore one of the hottest slot types around these days.

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