YRKDARAPPER Strives to Put His City on the Map

Brennan Thomas Martin aka YRKDARAPPER is striving to put his city on the map. His love for music was originally nurtured and developed at Blue Lite Studio in Mount Holly, NJ and his team is always guiding him to keep his music fresh. Since the pandemic, YRK hasn’t been back in the studio, forcing him to find other creative avenues to continue to promote himself. Through diligent networking, he has been looking to gain exposure at several different companies; he has introduced people to his growing knowledge and experience of the industry, while partnering with helpful mentors every step of the way. Soon, he feels confident that he’ll be creating new music again. In the meantime he plans to launch his own clothing line. The emotional support from his family and the community has kept the dream alive through hard times and his plans to make millions before the age of 30 continue to remain in motion.

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