Saeed Sayegh: A Gold Rush In Los Angeles

During today’s pandemic, the U.S. financially was rocked to the core in record-breaking unemployment, layoffs and more. And with so many without jobs, you would think that the jewelry business would be alongside others in a financial crisis. But for California jeweler Saeed Sayegh, it’s business as usual.

“Right now, in this pandemic, I’m very surprised of how much jewelry is selling, all jewelry stores are closed right now and I’m the only one that’s mobile still running,” Sayegh says about COVID-19. “Jewelry will always sell because people want gold/silver/diamonds. The only thing that holds its value that can collect dust. I think after this pandemic everything will be back on track, even better..”

Saeed Sayegh is a fast-rising know-it-all Los Angeles Jeweler-by-way-of-Nazareth. Discovering the craft at 14-years-old, Sayegh credits a year of understudy to perfecting his craft and becoming one of most sought-after new jewelers around. Investing his time and money into developing his own inventory one chain at a time, Sayegh earned a clientele in due time.

Now, due to film portrayal, when you think of Jewelers, you depict the sly and compelling Adam Sandler character Howard Ratner in the new critically-acclaimed film called Uncut Gem. Directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, the film is a fast-talking jeweler risking everything in hope of staying afloat. not really no. But what it does is it gives it a good look on what goes on behind the jewelry business and how serious it could be. “What it does is /it gives it a good look on what goes on behind the jewelry business and how serious it could be.”

Los Angeles is a culture that prides itself on jewelry, mainly diamonds, outfitted the “Bling Bling” lifestyle that is emulated worldwide. Sayegh learned diamonds are so popular because of its rarity. He says, “Diamonds are not only just bling. Has a lot of history behind them. They are way older than Dinosaurs.”

He continued, “Study diamonds in Carlsbad California. Honestly, that was the hardest education of my life. I was always learning something new everything, so yes. Still, to this day I’m still learning, you can never get enough.”

His popular pieces are the Cuban Chains. After holding down a storefront, Sayegh felt it more lucrative to be mobile for his clientele and create more overhead. “I used to have a shop but I left it and started mobile because it gets cheaper for me that way and better prices on the customers and they love it.”

And his clientele has blossomed handsomely. Creative with every design, hungry to always improve and excel, he is destined to be one of the culture’s best. With youth on his side, experience and accruing interest, there is nothing stopping Saeed Sayegh. For clarity and authenticity, he
happily has no problem telling you how to validate your jewelry.

“Always ask about the 4 C’s.”

For more on Saeed Sayegh, follow him and his work on Instagram.

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