Nakia Evans Makes History! CandiLash Wax And Wellness Bar

by Kalandra Robinson

Recently celebrating its first year anniversary, Nakia Evans of CandiLash Wax and Wellness Bar continues to solidify herself as a tireless educator and entrepreneur. As Mobile, AL, very first of its kind, CandiLash makes an unprecedented mark in the city’s history introducing much needed services and creating jobs, successfully establishing an entity filled with pride. Hardly new to the passion, Evans’ journey actually began decades back. She brings over 20 years of expertise in the medical field, dermatology, and plastic surgery, along with 8 years as an Esthetician specializing in eyelash extensions and Brazilian waxing. Her professional skills also include transplant surgery for hair restoration.

After living in Atlanta, GA, for 20 years, it was shortly after her move back to Mobile, AL, in 2017 when the idea for CandiLash was born. Back in town for only a few short months, Evans recognized something was missing. Realizing there weren’t any female black-owned spas with affordable prices, she identified a need quickly turning it into the perfect opportunity. Her plans to execute a solution were immediately put into motion. When beginning her journey, and as with many others, Evans faced a number of adversities recalling “the challenges I faced and overcame were getting out of my own way, believing in myself and just allowing God to be God all by himself”. It was then when she understood that in order to make this work she need to face those fears and be led by her beliefs.

Wanting to offer women the same joy and comfort she’s experienced as a customer herself and to now provide as a professional, CandiLash Wax and Wellness Bar services include Skincare, Facials, Waxing, Yoni Steams, Yoni Wash, Noninvasive/Surgical Body Contouring, Vacuum Therapy Breast Lift, Detox Sauna Blanket, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Teeth Whitening. The center also offers various massage oils and natural organic sugar scrubs. More traditionally used by women, her services are open to both men and women: “whether it’s having a facial or even getting waxed, more men are pampering themselves”, Evans reveals. As a one stop shop, these services and more are what sets CandiLash apart from other salons and spas.

On community, CandiLash has become a safe haven for women which includes significant contributions to health and care for the whole body. According to Evans, “After introducing the community to the aged old Yoni Steam, Vagisteam, and Hip bath, we help women open up and discuss Fibroids, Endometriosis, Infertility, reoccurring bacteria and yeast infections…along with discussing emotional and sexual trauma we carry in our womb, which is why steaming is so important.”

On job creation and as a testament for growth, Evans has had to bring on four additional members due to increased volume and to offer extended hours adding value to the customer experience. On education, CandiLash offers industry training for those interested in this path to entrepreneurship. Evans’ training offers eyelash extension, Yoni Steam, Teeth Whitening and Body Contour training. She also offers Brazilian Wax training for licensed cosmetologists and Estheticians.

Self-esteem and personal confidence are deep rooted challenges in today’s society as many feel the need to look their best at all times in order to feel accepted. With helping women to feel good about themselves in a healthy way, Evans says:

“Once you feel good within, the outside confidence is a walk in the park and is why we offer our Yoni Steam service at such an affordable price. Our herbs used in a normal Yoni Steam is sage, lavender, mugswort, rose, Calendula, Chamomile, etc. The steam is used as a vehicle for the herbs to enter the vagina and reach the womb. Once energy is cleansed from emotional/sexual trauma the body can begin to heal from depression, stress, anxiety, etc.”

Something else that sets Evans’ center apart is by offering cutting edge services the average person in her area might not be familiar with. Introducing and educating customers on new products and services is a pleasure and is just the beginning. Having worked for Bosley Hair Club and renowned national and international plastic surgeons, Evans’ is also working on opening a Hairloss Medi Spa. When asked about future plans to expand her operations, the business owner mentions Pensacola, FL, or even Mississippi.

Caring for the whole woman, Nakia Evans shares tips for women on creating healthier skin routines, highly skilled in why V-Steams are the new and healthier alternative for women, and is an educator on how to become your own boss and leave the 9-5. Being Mobile, AL, first Wax and Wellness Bar is a huge accomplishment and to be applauded. With no plans of stopping anytime soon, trailblazer Nakia Evans has a lot in store for Mobile, AL.

Nakia Evans’ contact information and Social Media handles:


Booking: (251) 732-3544



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