JMSEY Releases His New Punk Rock Hit “InstaHam”

Ending 2021 on a high note, Los Angeles-based pop artist JMSEY goes full on punk rock in his latest hit “InstaHam”. In “InstaHam”, JMSEY calls out social media influencers for being performative and how self-indulgence leads people to nowhere. Where do you draw the line between impactful and performative? Are they really influencing people to stand up and make a difference or are they doing it for the ‘likes’? Pairing his message with punk rock riffs, the alt-pop artist bleeds into new genres and it’s safe to say, that it suits him!

With lyrics like “What d’ya think of your ally friends who just pretend, that nothings going on?” JMSEY turns things up a notch, lending focus to how frequently influencers will “take a stand” but rarely, will take action. In-tune with the spirit of punk’s counter-culture sensibilities, “InstaHam” introduces the complexities involved with our freedom to express ourselves and our opinions.

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